4 Practical Tips for Driving in Heavy Rain!

The rain is coming down quite hard, and the windshield wipers can barely keep up. You're driving in a torrential downpour and starting to feel worried. Remember that your safety is always the top priority when driving in conditions like these. Before you head out on the roads, you should take the time to familiarize yourself with the rain-driving tips below. 


This article will discuss rain-driving tips to help you drive safely. Following these helpful hints can help make your drive safer and much more comfortable. 


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Drive Slowly

The first and most crucial tip when driving in the rain is to take it slow. It can be tempting to speed up and get where you're going as quickly as possible, but this is a recipe for disaster. When the streets are wet, it takes longer for your car to stop. So, even if you think you can make it through that puddle without splashing water everywhere, it's best to err on caution and go slow.



Use Car Lights

Ensure your headlights and taillights are on whenever you drive in the rain. It will help improve your visibility and make it easier for other drivers to see you. Using your fog lights is also a good idea if you have them. Just turn them off when the fog clears so you don't blind other drivers.



Keep Your Distance

It's always essential to leave plenty of space between your car and the one in front of you, but it's imperative when driving in the rain. That's because it takes longer for your vehicle to stop on wet roads. So, if the car in front of you suddenly brakes, you'll need extra time to react. An ideal rule of thumb is to leave at least three seconds of space between your car and the one ahead of you.



Be Wary of Flooded Roads

Never try to drive through a flooded road. The water can be more profound than it looks, and just a few inches of water can cause your car to lose control or stall. If you find yourself stuck on a flooded road, the best thing to do is abandon your car and seek higher ground.


Bad weather driving can be nerve-wracking, but if you use caution and follow these tips, you'll get to your destination safely. Just remember to take your time, increase your following distance, and pay attention to the road and other drivers. And if the conditions are appalling, staying home is always best.


Sun Toyota, serving Holiday, FL, is the place to be after you successfully drive your car during heavy rains. A quick car checkup after the rain will ensure that your car isn't affected due to rain. We offer top-quality car maintenance services for all Toyota cars. 

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August 2, 2022
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