Do We Need Personal Cars When We Have Buses and Trains Too?

Having your own car is a blessing. While public transport has several pros giving them an edge over personal vehicles, there are also many reasons why cars are still a better option than buses and trains.


In this blog post, Sun Toyota will explain four reasons why commuting by car is still a better option than buses and trains.



1. Buses and trains are often crowded, which can be uncomfortable and unsafe.


Have you ever been squished between two people on a bus or train? It's not a pleasant experience. Not to mention, it can also be hazardous if you're in an accident.

Getting constantly jostled by other people can increase your anxiety levels and pose a health hazard in a world still rebounding from a global pandemic. You're much more likely to catch something if you're constantly in close contact with other people.



2. You never know when a bus or train will be delayed or canceled.


All the meetings and important events in your life are scheduled around your commute. When buses and trains are delayed or canceled, it throws off your whole day. You might miss an important meeting or arrive late to pick up your kids from school.

However, cars are a different story. You don't have to fret about missed opportunities and can use them at your convenience. Having your own car gets you through the commuting issues that plague public transport!



3. Public transport can be expensive, especially if you have to use it daily.


If you have to take multiple buses or trains in a day, you will know what we are talking about. Where Amtrak tickets can cost you anywhere between $20-$400 per ride, you can minimize the costs when you travel by car. 

Opting for a pro-environmental car such as Honda hybrids becomes even more convenient and eco-friendly. The time is ripe to take down your car ownership costs by investing in alternative fuel drivetrains!



4. Cars are more convenient because you can go whenever and wherever you want.


Owning a car leaves you with a greater advantage than taking public transport because timetables and routes do not bind you. You are in control of your time and can go where and when you want.

Cars also give you more privacy and comfort than public transport, as you can sit in your own space and listen to your music without sharing it with anyone else.




So what do you think is better? Will you continue getting jostled by dozens of strangers you don't know, or will you look after your convenience, safety, and flexibility? Having a personal car becomes all the more crucial as soon as you start a family, so why deprive your loved ones of the comfort of a secure ride?

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July 1, 2022
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