Features In Used Vehicles

Most Favorable Features In Used Cars | Pre-owned Vehicles In Tampa, FL

Buying a pre-owned set of wheels can be tricky when the vehicle options are endless. Should I get AWD or FWD? Fog Lights or no Fog Lights? Heated seats or weather the cold? The decision-making process can take a while and weighing out your options can become tiring. Here at Sun Toyota we want to assist you and ensure you find the perfect vehicle fit to your needs. Our team has created a list of our dealership’s top selling technology features we’ve found with pre-owned vehicles. This list should assist you in your decision making when looking to buy a used car. View our inventory of pre-owned vehicles here, or visit our showroom, located in Holiday, FL. 

Adaptable Cruise Control

The Adaptable Cruise Control feature can be a lifesaver for long distance drivers. This advanced system imitates the driving pattern of a human, relieving the work and fatigue from the driver. Instead of always having your foot on the accelerator, your vehicle uses actuator controls to assist your cars in maintaining a safe, cruising speed. This feature is helpful for commuters on the turnpike, or long, steady roads. Try one of our used Toyota RAV4 vehicles, or possibly a pre-owned 2020 Kia Sportage to cruise the Florida highways. View our inventory of used cars with adaptive cruise control features, today. 


Does this even come as a shock? It is no surprise wireless phone connectivity is taking on technology by storm. Our Florida used vehicles allow you to stay connected with bluetooth audio features! Bluetooth connection allows the driver, or any passengers of the car to connect their mobile device’s audio to the vehicle. Answer calls hands-free or stay entertained by listening to your favorite songs or audiobooks while you sit in traffic. Suddenly your daily drive to the city can be something you look forward to. View our inventory of used cars such as a Toyota Corolla LE or Honda CR-V with bluetooth features, today.

Backup Camera

Safety for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians is always the main priority when operating a vehicle. The backup camera feature in used-vehicles is extremely helpful when reversing a car. This feature allows the driver to better determine car length and object distance when parking and reversing. Perfect for new and experienced drivers! View our Tampa, FL area inventory of used cars such as a 2019 Toyota Avalon or Honda Odyssey with Backup Camera features, today.

WiFi Hotspot

Road trips with the kids don’t have to be painful anymore with the WiFi hotspot feature. Keep the kids entertained with their favorite online games and movies by connecting their devices to WIFi. This will keep the kids (and the parents) happy. Our dealership offers a vast inventory of top-of-the-line vehicles instilled with this fabulous feature, perfect for the whole family. View our inventory of used cars with hotspot features such as a white Toyota Camry XLE or red Cadillac SRX Premium in Holiday, FL.

Find Your Perfect Feature! | Used Cars In Holiday, FL

Let the team at Sun Toyota assist you in making driving fun again. View our always-updating inventory of high quality pre-owned vehicles by clicking the button below. On the left hand side of our inventory page you can filter the exact features and requirements you have for your perfect vehicle! Stop over to our showroom located in Holiday, FL to test drive your new car, discuss trade-ins, financing, or any details you’d like. The Sun team is here to help you find the perfect used vehicle.