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Don't Let Credit Issues Stop You From Getting The Car Of Your Dreams.

Helpful Advice

Different lenders apply different criteria when evaluating your application. Some will see your credit as a problem and others will see it as an opportunity!

Don't be discouraged if other lenders have turned you down - they may have different standards, they may have automatic disqualifications, and remember - there is no such thing as an ideal score! What some lenders see as a poor score, others see as average.

Make Sure Your Payment Fits

There is no such thing as a high or low payment - only what fits an individual's budget! As long as your payments are not placing undue stress on your budget, you should be eligible for credit; and if your payments don't fit, Sun Toyota has a range of vehicles to suit any budget!

Calculating Your Ideal Payment

As a rule of thumb, you need to take your monthly income before taxes and divide it by two. Subtract your mandatory spending (rent, mortgage, loan repayments, and other fixed expenses) from this amount, and that's what you have to spend on a car.

So if you have a gross monthly income of $4,000, with mortgage payments of $1,300, credit card payments of $200 and personal loan repayments of $150, the equation would be as follows: $4,000/2 = $2,000 - $1,300 = $700 - $200 = $500 - $150 = $350.

By this calculation, you would have $350 to spend on your new car.

Building your garage...