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Service Maintenance Sun Toyota Firestone Goodyear Tire Kingdom Tire Plus
Oil Change Synthetic $74.95 $98.98 $80.00 $85.00 $99.00
Tire Rotation $21.00 $25.00 Free Free Free
Tire Rotation & Balance $49.95 $55.84 $80.00 $40.00 $56.00
Tire Patch $19.95 $31.21 $32.05 $32.94 $30.00
Engine Air Filter $35.50 $33.00 $34.95 $30.00 $30.00
Cabin Air Filter $44.95 $56.98 $24.00 $35.99 $30.00
Coolant Drain and Fill $99.95 $157.98 $140.00 $99.00 $160.00
Transmission Service Drain & Fill $175.61 Not Available $149.00 Not Available $250.00
Wiper Refills $25.95 $41.98 $24.95 $40.00 $52.00


*Date of information Recorded: 3/08/2023

All prices shown above plus sales tax and any applicable shop supply and waste disposal fees. All prices are inclusive of available coupons and/or additional coupons/discounts can not be applied. Prices for fluid may vary based on vehicle specifications. Includes Toyota original equipment. Price shop comparison available upon request from your Sun Toyota Service Advisor. Prices subject to change without notice.

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Our Service Benefits:

Our Service Benefits

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Why Do We Use Original Parts?

Complies With Warranty

If your vehicle is under warranty, you may benefit from having only original factory parts used for all maintenance and repair services. This is because aftermarket parts may cause more harm than good in the long run.

Original Factory Parts Quality

When using original factory parts, you know you’re getting a top-quality part because it must pass standard manufacturer and industry-accepted testing in order to be qualified for use on new vehicles. Aftermarket parts are not held to the same standards and may be constructed of lower quality materials that will likely not last as long as their original counterparts. By using only original parts, you can be sure the part will fit correctly and provide your vehicle with exactly what it needs to run right for a long, long time.

Ease Of Replacement

Many aftermarket parts manufacturers develop parts that are designed to fit on multiple models of vehicles in order to mass-produce them. This often leads to ill-fitting parts that require manipulation to make them fit correctly. Don’t struggle with poor aftermarket parts and accessories! Stick with what you know works – true original parts.

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