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Shop Toyota Sienna in Tampa, Florida

The Toyota Sienna is the new vehicle that the whole family can agree on, as it offers exclusive features, a powerful engine, advanced safety systems, and generous passenger and cargo space. But how does it compare to other popular options in the minivan segment like the Honda Odyssey?

This 8-passenger family vehicles are here to provide large and growing families with a versatile ride that boasts an array of cabin and safety technologies that will enhance your daily errands or weekend adventures. With three rows of seating and plentiful space for cargo, you may expect that our Toyota Sienna and the Honda Odyssey are nearly identical but look deeper and there are plenty of ways that these minivans differ.

Yes, these two of the remaining few minivans on the Florida market offer similar seating configurations, engines, and interior amenities, but there are still enough differences to warrant selecting one of these family haulers over the other. Let's review the key differences that may have you choose the Toyota in Tampa or Honda model in Tampa when searching for a practical and modern new ride near Holiday, Florida.

man next to toyota sienna

Vehicle Passenger Comfort & Cargo Space

sienna cargo space

At first glance, it may appear that the latest minivans from Honda and Toyota offer a very similar amount of space inside for your passengers and gear. Well, while it's true that they each offer 8-passenger seating in three rows and house expandable cargo areas, there's one of these minivans that outshines the other in spaciousness and that's the Toyota Sienna.

When comparing editions like the Sienna SE Premium in Holiday to the Odyssey Touring, rear-seat passengers in the Toyota offers 3 inches more of shoulder room, 1.3 inches more of hip room, and 0.5 inches more of headroom than in the Honda. Standard cargo capacity, or the volume available for cargo when all three rows of seating are in the upright position, is greater in the Sienna than what's available in the Honda Odyssey. For a more spacious passenger area plus greater standard cargo volume in your family's new runabout, opt for the Toyota Sienna!


When you're loading up your minivan with family, friends, and all of their gear, you'll be glad that you chose the Toyota Sienna and its more powerful engine over Honda's  Odyssey. You see, while both of these minivans sport 3.5-liter V6 engines, the Toyota's cranks out more horsepower, 16 hp more to be exact. That added power will come in good use when accelerating, merging, hauling, and towing!

Many drivers and families are moving to crossovers and SUVs for the added on-road grip and confidence that all-wheel drive (AWD) provides. After all, when the roads turn slick, it's nice to know that you have power available at all four corners of your vehicle to promote stability and confidence handling. The Toyota Sienna remains the only minivan in its class that currently offers an AWD system, so not even the Honda Odyssey can keep up with the Sienna here in Tampa!

From a more powerful V6 engine to the option of all-wheel drive, the Toyota Sienna delivers peace of mind through its confident performance in all on-road situations and weather conditions.

green sienna driving on dirt road

 Tour & Test Drive A New Sienna Minivan

red and gray sienna parked

Sun Toyota welcomes Tampa area drivers and their families to visit us near Holiday, FL, for a closer look at the complete lineup of new Sienna minivans  for sale. Of course, you can shop and compare the Sienna to the new Honda Odyssey as well as other minivans online as well.

With our website's up-to-date inventory, exploring the variety of trim levels and amenities available within the Sienna lineup is easy, too. We've made available the latest Toyota finance and lease offers, our vehicle trade-in appraisal service, and a secure auto loan application to you online. Remember that our Toyota sales associates are standing by to answer your questions about the new Sienna vehicle as well as set up your tour and test drive!



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